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HB1617 by *Kernell, *Cooper B, *Arriola, *Windle, *Dunn, *Fraley, *Tindell, *Phelan, *Davis (Wash), *Fitzhugh, *Ferguson, *Bone, *White, *Turner (Shelby), *Winningham, *Maddox, *Armstrong, *Goins, *Pinion. (*SB0041 by *Harper.)

Sunset Laws - Commission of Indian affairs, June 30, 2002. - Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29 and Title 4, Chapter 34.

Summary for HB1617/*SB0041


Amendments to HB1617

Amendments to SB0041

HA0405 -- Amendment 1-0 to HB1617

SA0356 -- Amendment 1-0 to SB0041

HA0406 -- Amendment 2-0 to HB1617

HA1142 -- Amendment 3-0 to HB1617

HA1158 -- Amendment 4-0 to HB1617

HA1317 -- Amendment 5-0 to HB1617

HA1325 -- Amendment 6-0 to HB1617

Fiscal Note for HB1617/*SB0041

Fiscal Note for HB1617/SB0041 filed under SB0041

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Actions Taken on HB1617

Action Date

Actions Taken on SB0041

Action Date

Sponsor(s) Added.7/4/2002 Vetoed by Governor.7/19/2002
Comp. SB subst.7/4/2002 Transmitted to Gov. for action.7/8/2002
H. Placed on Regular Calendar for 7/4/027/4/2002 Signed by S. Speaker7/8/2002
Placed on cal. Calendar & Rules for 7/4/027/4/2002 Signed by H. Speaker7/8/2002
Rec. for pass. if am., ref. to Calendar & Rules7/4/2002 Enrolled and ready for signatures7/8/2002
Placed on cal. Finance for 7/4/027/4/2002 S. concurred in H. am. No. 2, 5, and 67/4/2002
Rec. For Pass. by s/c ref. to Finance, Ways & Means Committee 7/4/2002 Passed H., as am., Ayes 86, Nays 37/4/2002
Placed on s/c cal Budget of FW&M for 07/04/027/3/2002 H. adopted am. No. 5 & 67/4/2002
Sponsor(s) Added.5/29/2002 Am. No. 3 & 4 withdrawn.7/4/2002
Sponsor(s) Added.5/22/2002 H. adopted am. No. 27/4/2002
Placed behind the budget5/21/2002 Am. No. 1 withdrawn.7/4/2002
Placed on s/c cal Budget of FW&M for 05/22/025/15/2002 Subst. for comp. HB.7/4/2002
Assigned to s/c Budget of FW&M5/15/2002 Rcvd. from S., held on H. desk.5/9/2001
Re-ref. To Finance5/14/2002 S. adopted am.(Amendment 1 - SA0356)5/8/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.5/13/2002 Passed S. as am., Ayes 23, Nays 05/7/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.5/9/2002 S. Placed on cal. for Monday May 7, 20015/3/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.5/8/2002 Rec. for pass. w/ am., ref. to S. Cal. Comm. Ayes 6, Nays 2 PNV 34/25/2001
Placed on cal. Calendar & Rules Committee for 05/14/025/8/2002 Action def. in S. Gov. Ops. Committee until 4/25/014/18/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.4/3/2002 Placed on S. Govt. Ops. Comm. cal. for 04/25/014/18/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.3/21/2002 Action def. in S. Gov. Ops Comm. until 4/18/014/11/2001
Sponsor(s) Added.2/26/2002 Placed on S. Govt. Ops. Comm. cal. for 04/18/014/4/2001
Rec. for Pass. if Am. ref. to: Calendar & Rules Committee5/1/2001 P2C, ref. to S. Gov't Ops Comm.1/31/2001
Placed on cal. Government Operations Committee for 05/01/014/25/2001 Intro., P1C.1/29/2001
Action Def. in Government Operations Committee to 5/1/014/24/2001 Filed for intro.1/16/2001
Placed on cal. Government Operations Committee for 04/24/014/18/2001
Sponsor(s) withdrawn.2/21/2001
P2C, ref. to Government Operations2/21/2001
Intro., P1C.2/15/2001
Filed for intro.2/14/2001