Bill History Abbreviations

General Abbreviations:

Ad: Adopted
Asgnd: Assigned
Cal: Calendar
Comp: Companion
Conc: Concurred; Concurrence
Conf Comm: Conference Committee
Const Maj: Constitutional Majority
CP&I: Council on Pensions and Insurance
Def: Deferred
Gov: Governor
H: House
HB: House Bill
HJR: House Joint Resolution
HR: House Resolution
Intro: Introduced; Introduction
LSV: Legislative Services
Mot: Motion
MSG: Message
Mtg: Meeting
Nonconc: Nonconcurrence
Obj: Objection
Pass: Passage
P1C: Passed first consideration
P2C: Passed second consideration
Pr. Ch.: Private Chapter
Pub. Ch.: Public Chapter
Rec: Recommended; Recommendation
Ref: Referred
Re-ref: Re-referred
Ret: Returned
Rcvd: Received
R/S: Rules Suspension
S/C: Subcommittee
S: Senate
SB: Senate Bill
SJR: Senate Joint Resolution
Spkr: Speaker
SR: Senate Resolution
Subst: Substituted
VV: Voice Vote
W/am: With Amendment

Committee Abbreviations

AG: Agriculture
Cal: Calendar
C&EA: Consumer and Employee Affairs
CL&A: Commerce, Labor and Agriculture
COM: Commerce
CON: Conservation and Environment
C&R: Calendar and Rules
EC&T: Environment, Conservation and Tourism
ED: Education
FW&M: Finance, Ways and Means
GO: Government Operations
Govt. Op.: Government Operations
GWH&HR: General Welfare, Health and Human Resources
HHR: Health and Human Resources
JUD: Judiciary
SLG: State and Local Government
TR: Transportation



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