head of a tennessee woodpecker gorget TODAY is Tennessee American Indian Day!

monday, 22 september 2008

TCA 15-2-106. American Indian Day.

(a) The fourth Monday in September of each year is to be especially observed in Tennessee as "American Indian Day," and that on this day schools, clubs, and civic and religious organizations are encouraged to recognize the contributions of American Indians with suitable ceremony and fellowship designed to promote greater understanding and brotherhood between American Indians and the non-Indian people of the state of Tennessee.

(b) The governor shall, prior to the fourth Monday in September of each year, issue a proclamation inviting and urging the people of the state to observe American Indian Day with suitable ceremony and fellowship.

(c) The department of education and the commission of Indian affairs shall make, within the limits of funds available for such purpose, information available to all people of this state regarding American Indian Day and the observance thereof.

[Acts 1994, ch. 606, 1.]

TN Native American Indian Month