Standing Rules of the TN Commission of Indian Affairs          2005-

  1. Meetings - Calling
    1. The Commission shall meet at a location and on a date and time agreed upon at a regularly scheduled Commission meeting with a quorum present, or agreed upon by a majority of Commission members at least eleven (11) days in advance and in writing.
    2. Any meeting that is not called and scheduled by a majority of Commission members shall not be considered a legal meeting, except for emergency meetings, which needs the requirements for Section 1 with a three-day notice.
    3. The Chairperson who sees a need for an emergency meeting, or is requested to do so by a commission member, may call no more than two (2) meetings in a calendar year with, at least, a three-day notice and in consultation with Commission members.
    4. Any Commission member may also call for an emergency meeting following the same said procedures.

  2. Meetings - Agenda
    1. Agenda items proposed by commissioners must be submitted in writing to the other members of the Commission at least eleven (11) days in advance of the meeting at which they are proposed for discussion.
    2. Agenda suggestions and/or resolutions from the public must be submitted in writing to the chairperson and secretary of the Commission at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting at which they are proposed for discussion.
    3. Issues not on the advance agenda shall be tabled until the next meeting unless approved for inclusion in the agenda by a two-thirds (2/3) majority.

  3. Meetings - Reports
    1. Reports from the commissioners, committees, ACTIA and TNNAC shall be heard at each meeting.
    2. Commissioners shall provide a written report of their activities since the last meeting to the secretary at or before the meeting for the state's permanent record. Written reports not submitted at the meeting are to be mailed or emailed to secretary within forty-five (45) days following meeting.

  4. Meetings - Public Comments
    1. Members of the attending public shall be limited in their comments to the Commission at the end of the meeting to four (4) minutes.
    2. Public comments shall be taken according to the order of sign-up sheets.

  5. Members - Officers
    1. Officers serve at the pleasure of the Commission.
    2. The Chair's duties include:
      1. chief administrative officer. (TCA 4-34-108. Chair)
      2. chair all regular and special meetings of the Commission.
    3. The Vice Chair's duties include:
      1. chair Commission meetings in the absence or at the request of the chair.
      2. assume the duties of the chair until the next Commission meeting in case of the resignation or death of the chair.
      3. assume the duties of the chair until the next Commission meeting in case of the illness and incapacity of the chair and with the written consent of three (3) other commissioners.
    4. The Secretary's duties include:
      1. draft meeting minutes to submit to Commission.
      2. collect agenda issues and draft meeting agenda to submit to Commission.
      3. safeguard contributions and funds.
      4. report financial status to Commission.
      5. send out meeting notices.
      6. serve as Sunshine Notice/Web site contact with TDEC website staff.
      7. draft annual report.
      8. preside over the meeting opening and immediate election of a chair pro tem in the absence of the chair or vice chair.
    5. Election and Terms of Office
      1. Election of the Commission's officers shall take place during the last regular meeting (December) of odd-numbered calendar years.
      2. Newly elected officers shall take office at the close of the meeting at which they are elected and serve approximately two (2) years and serve for approximately two (2) years. Their terms end (unless duly re-elected) upon the election of successors at the regularly scheduled last meeting of the year (December) of odd-numbered calendar years.
      3. The term of office for replacement officers elected by the Commission shall be the balance of the existing term of office or until being replaced by a duly elected officer.
      4. Election of officers shall be by vote of the majority present.
    6. Officers may be removed from office at any time by a majority vote of commissioners.

  6. Members - Censure
    1. Commissioners, especially Commission officers, may be censured for inappropriate behavior.
    2. Two (2) warnings may be issued.
    3. Upon cause for a third warning, the Commission shall request that the Governor or respective Speaker appoint a replacement for the offending Commissioner.

  7. Members - Absence
    Absences may be excused for serious personal and family illnesses or crises, with a written request submitted via standard mail or email up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to a Commission meeting.

    -approved by the Commission 29dec07, 8mar08
    updated 12apr08/tpk