Organizations with known & assumed Native American affiliations in the state of Tennessee

Organizations whose leadership & membership is composed of a majority of members of federally- or state-recognized tribes
 1Native American Indian Association of Tennessee1983
 2Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust 2001Hixson [Chattanooga]
 3Muscogee "Creek" Nation Citizens of the Southeast and Tennessee2007Mt Juliet [Nashville]

U.S. IRS-registered 501(c)3 organizations
 1Native American Indian Association of Tennessee1983
 2Native Cultural Circle1998 Clarksville
 3Indigenous Intertribal Corp.2001 Algood
 4Indian Ministries of North America Inc. 2002 Cleveland

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Tennessee Secretary of State registered organizations + CORPORATION, ACTIVE,
registration with the State of Tennessee requires submission of bylaws, names & addresses of current officers, and annual reports
There are no federally- or state-recognized Native American Indian tribes in Tennessee. Culture clubs' claims of tribal affiliation
with historic tribes of Tennessee should be verified with established related tribes prior to extended contact.
 1Native American Indian Association of Tennessee 1983Nashville
 2Faraway Cherokees/Native American Intertribal Assoc, Inc. 1984Memphis
 3American Indian Association [of Millington] 1988Munford [27 miles north of Memphis]
 4Tennessee Native American Indian Council, Inc. 1991Maryville
 5Native American Church, Inc. 1993Strawberry Plains [Knoxville]
 6Alliance for Native American Indian Rights of Tennessee 1996Hermitage [Nashville]
 7Native Cultural Circle 1998Clarksville
 8Indigenous Outreach International 1999Jackson
 9Cherokee of Lawrence County, TN 2000Lawrenceburg
10Indigenous Intertribal Corp. 2001Livingston
11Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust 2001Hixson [Chattanooga]
12Chikamaka-Cherokee Band of the South Cumberland Plateau Region, Inc.          2002Tracy City
13Indian Ministries of North America Inc. 2002Cleveland
14Tennessee Native American Convention 2002Big Sandy [West TN]
15Cherokee Wolf Clan Native American Church 2003Yuma
16Cherokee Wolf Clan 2004Yuma
17Turtle Island Native American Assoc. 2005Millington
18Native American Consulting Group, LLC 2005Johnson City
19Native American Country Music Awards 2006White Bluff [Dickson]
20Native Wisdom, LLC 2006Jackson
21Native American Church of the Kituwah Nation 2006Tellico Plains
22Native American Circle of Life 2007Jackson
23Native Entertainment and Marketing Group, LLC 2007Nashville
24Muscogee "Creek" Nation Citizens of the Southeast and Tennessee 2007Mount Juliet [Nashville]
25Native Healing Ways Inc. 2007Lavergne
26Remnant Yuchi Nation Educational Alliance, Inc. 2007Kingsport
27Native Way Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 2008Dresden

LLC = Limited Liability Company, a For Profit corporation

If you know of an organization in Tennessee whose primary focus is
Native American Indian people and issues, please let us know.